Donkeytron 2.0 — how it all started.

Donkeytron all started many years ago when I made a few wallets out of leather – and I became enamored of making a wallet called the “donkeytron”…that I was going to make out of donkey leather! With some back and forth brainstorming over text message with one of my sisters, I came up with the slogan, “The baddest ass for your cash!” and it seemed to fit just right.

So I started my search, and found an obscure website that had 3 donkey hides to sell, so I bought one. In fact, that donkey hide was the first rug in my first house ever, when all I had was a couch and a mattress but nothing else. A few months later, I had read up on how to tan hides and decided to try my hand with some help from that same sister using a trash can on the back porch. Well let me tell you, there is a lot more to tanning a hide than I had thought.

With the tanning experiment a complete failure, and what I thought was a ruined donkey hide, I tossed it all in the dumpster and resolved to try again.

Months passed though, and I could not for the life of me find another donkey hide. They just weren’t to be found! I could buy an entire elephant hide on the internet (seriously for like $900!), but no donkeys. We started asking ourselves, where do donkeys go to die?

As I searched, I found a chinese website that was able to sell donkey hides, but in lots of like 10,000 or more. So maybe we had finally found where donkey resting place, though thwarted again. What the heck would I do with 10,000+ donkey hides? That is a whole lot of wallets.

So, fast forward a few years, where I had become a lawyer and helped the internet ecosystem, FCC and lawmakers and others in DC not utterly destroy the internet…but the donkeytron still called to me. And I thought I had a better idea. While a wallet made of donkey would literally be the baddest ass to hold your cash in, what if I combined my love of everything geeky and gadgety with my strong need to get the best bang for my buck?  And thus the idea was reborn — Call it Donkeytron 2.0!

I love neat stuff. Other people love neat stuff. I love to buy things at the best price, so do others! What if I help us all find the baddest ass stuff that money can buy, and put it all in one place. What if we all look for this stuff and put it in the same place? Then, and here is where it gets real interesting, what if we all share in the ad revenue that one place generates?  I like it. I hope you all do too. creator, January 17, 2017.