Cummins R2.8 turbo diesel engine — Finally!

So this one is for all of you gear heads who have been swapping cummins 4Bt’s or 300TDI’s into your Defender 90s (or 110s) and Jeeps. This R2.8 turbodiesel looks amazing — fairly low weight at 500lbs or so, 160 hp out the box and lots of that diesel torque goodness, full crate setup so the wiring loom is all taken care of and the electronic controls….so maybe a remap/tuning it up to 200hp and some serious add’l torque possibly? Count me in — my D110 needs a new powerplant asap.

Let’s hope cummins doesn’t hurt us all on the price, because this is just right on every other metric.  Price isn’t out yet, I checked – Get on the mailing list.

Big selling point is 50 state emissions compliant. California has been saying “hell no” to a lot of engine swaps, and other states are starting to as well. Especially with the grey market Defender and G-Wagon imports that are becoming so popular.

[via Cummins RePower]

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