Back to the EV car conversions — or should I say “retrofits”?

So obviously I have EV conversion pipe dreams — though these things look increasingly legit and totally doable.  This company is doing what look like clean EV conversions/retro fits on some really rad cars. Old porsche 911s, Volkswagen bugs and various other VWs.

Conversions with 60-90 mile ranges for $21K-$23K… while that is not necessarily “cheap,” it certainly is a heck of a lot less than a Tesla or those rad little BMW electrics I am seeing more of.  I am not totally clear, but it looks like you need to supply the original donor vehicle and then they do the conversion (parts and labor).

And I think you can buy just the kit and do it yourself?  Seems like a rad way to get a super bad ass classic car with character, but environmentally friendly, with possibly more torque than the original engine, and certainly way quieter.  Hook these up to your solar panels! (or even attach some solar panels for topping up the batteries while you are spending the day at the beach).

The real question might be, is there an adapter to hook these retrofits up to the tesla charging stations??  That’s what I am talking about!

[via EV4U]

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