Custom defenders!

Some of you might know that I am straight obsessed with old land rovers — having owned 12 at this point, and still sitting on 4. But every time I see these Arkonik rigs, I still salivate. Though I have yet to see one up close and personal, from the pics these trucks look so clean.

The real question though, is how much did the interiors cost!??


I highly recommend checking out the D110 back catalog page as that shows over 100 previous builds — a great place to get ideas for what direction you want to take your own project in. Or to just get the itch to spend $100K-$150K at Arkonik. These folks look to do a sweet job, totally bad ass.

[via Arkonik]

Photovoltaic cheapness!

So $300 + shipping? That seems super cheap for 2 PV panels putting out 165w max each. These things are just about 5’x2′ and not super thick, but with a combined 330w peak depending on how you wire them up? (series or parallel).

I had heard the price of solar was coming down, but this is low and a with a quick search on Amazon I am seeing full systems advertised for a house selling at like $7K-$10K.


These PV arrays are within striking distance of some serious do-it-yourselfness.

[via EverBright Solar’s amazon store]

Back to the EV car conversions — or should I say “retrofits”?

So obviously I have EV conversion pipe dreams — though these things look increasingly legit and totally doable.  This company is doing what look like clean EV conversions/retro fits on some really rad cars. Old porsche 911s, Volkswagen bugs and various other VWs.

Conversions with 60-90 mile ranges for $21K-$23K… while that is not necessarily “cheap,” it certainly is a heck of a lot less than a Tesla or those rad little BMW electrics I am seeing more of.  I am not totally clear, but it looks like you need to supply the original donor vehicle and then they do the conversion (parts and labor).

And I think you can buy just the kit and do it yourself?  Seems like a rad way to get a super bad ass classic car with character, but environmentally friendly, with possibly more torque than the original engine, and certainly way quieter.  Hook these up to your solar panels! (or even attach some solar panels for topping up the batteries while you are spending the day at the beach).

The real question might be, is there an adapter to hook these retrofits up to the tesla charging stations??  That’s what I am talking about!

[via EV4U]

Cummins R2.8 turbo diesel engine — Finally!

So this one is for all of you gear heads who have been swapping cummins 4Bt’s or 300TDI’s into your Defender 90s (or 110s) and Jeeps. This R2.8 turbodiesel looks amazing — fairly low weight at 500lbs or so, 160 hp out the box and lots of that diesel torque goodness, full crate setup so the wiring loom is all taken care of and the electronic controls….so maybe a remap/tuning it up to 200hp and some serious add’l torque possibly? Count me in — my D110 needs a new powerplant asap.

Let’s hope cummins doesn’t hurt us all on the price, because this is just right on every other metric.  Price isn’t out yet, I checked – Get on the mailing list.

Big selling point is 50 state emissions compliant. California has been saying “hell no” to a lot of engine swaps, and other states are starting to as well. Especially with the grey market Defender and G-Wagon imports that are becoming so popular.

[via Cummins RePower]

Thin lite-weight and flexible solar panels for overlanding!

These are damn sweet too — thin and lite-weight (just over 2.2 lbs 80w!) — and flexible. The website says that you can walk on them barefoot, and you can even get eyelets custom installed to be able to hang these pretty much wherever. I wonder if you can roll these up?

I am starting my christmas list early and definitely thinking about putting this on the roof of an old land rover defender 😉

[via tregoo]

Electric porsche 356 kit?

This is just straight bad-ass…an electric porsche 356 kit car. Me likey. A lot. I mean the super sweet lines of a 356, but the environmental impact of an electric, along with all that torque. And at $12K-31K depending on options, the price does not seem bad.

I really think that these electric retrofit approaches are the way to go. Keep the cool look of the old classics, but with the reliability torque and environmentals of a more tesla-like vehicle.


[via Rockwest Racing]

Soundproof cardboard boxes whaaat? These are super sweet

Check these out:

Super japanese website and all, but just how rad would it be to have one of these to set up absolutely wherever (well maybe not in the bathroom, unless your roommates went just a little too far on taco tuesday;). Likely meant to help all the aspiring karaoke stars in super high-density tokyo practice without driving their parents insane, but still super rad — vocal booth for your recording studio maybe?! Or for your sex dungeon you kinkster you.

Talk about badass.


[gizmodo via japan trend shop via danbocchi]